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That heffa need a tranquilizer...Jasmine is straight off her rockers!!! Oh and Kelli needs another good beat down

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On: Mar 14, 2013

Just followed on Twitter already following on TAN

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On: Mar 09, 2013

Every time I see this commercial....I'm going to think of this post, Lol ;-)

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On: Feb 27, 2013

Just accepted your Twitter request

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On: Feb 21, 2013

Congrats to all the winners!!!

On: Feb 19, 2013's picture
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Mother of two little girls (my Angels). Known to be extra crazy and funny (told I need my own reality show). Live in the SteelCity (Pittsburgh, Pa) Love Trey, The Steelers, and The Lakers OH YEAH I'M A DIE HARD 80'S BABY!!!
Reading, watching re-runs all my black t.v. shows that I grew up on!!!
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right now only Trey Songz, and anything circa 1980-1990's
United States
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