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WEll first off I just wanna say that I LOVE TREYYY SONGZZ WITH A PASSION BRO! next thing i want to say is that my real name is nefateria bolin , I'm 16 yrs old and I'm a sophomore at KENT RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL! I'm really nice when yu get to know me, I'm not judgemental and i don't care for the haterzz! I'm a total trey songz fan and i love his music! if yu wanna knoe more juss hit me uhp on Fb or myspace. love me and I'll love yu buh don't get it twisted, if yu cross me yu WILL GET the businesss! over all I'm a very kind, caring sweet gurl thoe:)also I'm in a relationship with a guy named silas noww, hes good to mee, buh I knoe I always have my first love which is george hickss, and noone can take his place, thts it and thts all. I love silas , We are just not at that stage yet to say that he's more important to me then my first love, cause it would be a lie. buh anways HMU on here or facebook if yu wanna learn more :)
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