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October 1

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My name is Tawanda. I'm a Mississippi native. I currently reside in Columbus, MS where I attend Mississippi University of Women, majoring in Culinary Arts with a minor in entrepreneurship. I am passionate about cooking & dream & pray to open & own a restaurant. I am a woman of God. I desire to please Him & only Him. He's my rock, my strength, my provider, my comforter, & as well my Father. I serve only Him. I see myself as a beautiful young woman inside & out. I am confident of myself because I have God. I am an educated individual with two associate's degrees. One in Business & another one in Pre-Health Profession. Cooking is where my heart is & when I do it, it's never work to me. I enjoy it. I love it & I thank God for blessing me with such a beautiful talent & I will try my best to use that talent to bless others. Trey Songz is my favorite entertainer! Why? Because he is SO HUMBLE! He's always been humble & I hope he remains humble. He remembers where he comes from & he appreciate his fans & shows it all the time. I met him once, on March 10, 2012, & the person he portrays on TV is the same person he is in person. He's such a sweetheart! He makes his fans feel "Simply Amazing" & I love that. He has a beautiful spirit! He's also very handsome. Even more in person & he smell like HEAVEN! LOL! As long as Trey continues to cherish & appreciate his fans, put God first, stay humble, & stay true to himself, I will always be a supporter of him. May God continue to bless you Trey! LOVE!! #TeamSongz #ScrumptiousAngel
Praising God, cooking, listening to music, spending time with family
United States
Tawanda Mosley
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Yes 06/04/1987
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Chapter V 8.21!!!