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On: Nov 18, 2010

My name is Nitra, i am live in Lex, Ky and I am 28. I enjoy writing, reading, playing the violina dn most of a raising my beautiful 4yr old son. He is Autistic with ADHD and he is the joy of my life. He is also a huge Trey Songz fan and knows almost all of his songs and can determine Treys voice after the first note sung. I want to thank Trey Songz for being my son's calming mechanism.


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On: Oct 23, 2010
On: Oct 13, 2010
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On: Oct 04, 2010
Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Oct 04, 2010
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Huge music lover. I love almost all genres as long as the touch me in some way. I love to write and read. Love to laugh. I work hard (especially when it comes to making my money). Fave rapper is T.I. Huge fan of Nicki Minaj but i also like Taylor Swift. And I LOVE TREY SONGS
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