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@prittbrowniiz, hope it's ok that i didn't write your full name, it's too long and i can't type with nails, lol. But I'm glad u said something cuz i was about to tweet him and say he should check it out. Im new to twitter(yeah, i know im late) but im glad i didn't. I don't want u to die, lol;-)

Replied To: Story - Made To Be Together (Forum topic)
On: Dec 16, 2011

You are very talented and I look forward to reading your story everyday. Like Auburn63, I stalk your story as well, lol!!!!

Replied To: Story - Made To Be Together (Forum topic)
On: Dec 15, 2011

One more thing pritbrowniiz bestsellerangel, maybe i'm way late, but has anyone from his team or this website ever contact you about the stories that you write??? Once again, I think you are very talented and I think that Trey would love to read your stuff.

Replied To: Story - Made To Be Together (Forum topic)
On: Dec 15, 2011

So first, I just want to point out that this is just a suggestion, lol! I know Trey is a very, very, very busy man, and I really do understand and respect that. But I was thinking how cool it would be if on some of his down time, if he would like, that he could randomly pick some of his followers and angels and actually have face time with them. When I say face time, I mean getting on skype or something like that(I'm not a techno person, so I don't know what would be used, lol) and actually spend time talking to some of his fans and getting to know a little bit about them, as well as us getting to know the "real" Trey. Maybe giving us 20 to 30 minutes of his time. I would actually take 5. It doesn't matter to me, lol. But like i said before, it's just a suggestion.

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On: Nov 15, 2011
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