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On: Jul 26, 2011
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On: Jul 19, 2011
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On: Jul 17, 2011
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On: Jul 17, 2011
On: Jun 28, 2011
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Hi my name is Nathalie I'm 5'7". I live in Queens New York. I'm currently in school and working at the same time. i'm currently aspiring to be a pharmacist in the future. i'm very goal oriented. i like to go after what i like. i could be shy at times, but after getting to know me i'm very open, i like to have fun, joke around, and be stupid at times. i love going to church. i love to preach about God because without him there would be no me. i'm very interesting. i love to give advice to my friends, i'm always encouraging my friends to follow thier dreams and to be patient about what they want in life. i'm determined, honest, personable, likable, sexy, respectful and cute.I have a very good head on my shoulders cuz i'm a focus person. I'm very clear on what i want in life and in a man. I never settle for less cuz i deserve the best.
New York
United States
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