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Ok studies tho? lmao I'm not even gonna go any further with this convo

Wait yes I am lol. The brain is way more complex than that. The study may be correct in a sense but it doesn't hold your entire brain captive and have you walking around all day like a zombie saying "Neighbors..No.. My.. Name...... Do... it.. with.. no..hands" while trying to force people to put their bottoms up lol I'm sure you know that tho

Songs can alter your mood and the music can get stored into your memory but thats the same for anything in life and thats when the other part of your brain that does the reasoning comes in and determines whether those things will effect your actions. So I think its safe to say that people, without mental illness, can withhold any influence of just music alone. Now for the people who may seem to act out some of the influences they hear in songs or anywhere for that matter, there are other factors like life experiences, drugs/alcohol, peer pressure, level of horny lol, that may effect the thought process of reasoning and ultimately lead to a decision that then leads to actions like, just singing the song or acting out the stories told in the song.

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On: Jan 01, 2012

Oh and because I choose to listen to his music and except it for what it is doesn't have anything to do with my life and the personal decisions I make in life. Its just music its not that serious and that goes for anybody.

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On: Dec 30, 2011

@humbleheart everything you mentioned rings truth is some case but not all cases. The point I was trying to make is that because you may not agree with some of the things Trey does or says doesn't mean his music lacks substance like you said in your first post.

Trey is here for us to enjoy him not judge him. He is an entertainer and thats wut he is doing. With r&b and hip hop this is the kind of music you get. I think if people don't like it maybe those genre's aren't the ones they should listen to. There is jazz if you want the sound like r&b and there is gospel and contemporary gospel music if you always want that positive message. But with RHYTHM & BLUES your going to get exactly that, a nice jazzy sound and whatever the artists are going through at that moment, whether its positive or dark or sexual or angry or contradicting etc. The same goes for Hip hop or rap, its exactly wut that person is thinking at that moment.

No one is perfect and everyone has room for growing and learning no matter the age or level of fame and I don't think anyone here thinks Trey is an exception to that but neither are we and I know I don't need someone, especially someone who doesn't even know me, to tell me that.

We also can't assume that Trey or any artist doesn't have honest people in their lives. Although it is possible, we can't say for sure. Just my opinion but I think Trey has some honest people in his life and he has mention he did before.

As fans, some of us go too deep into the lives of the artist that we forget their ultimate purpose is to entertain us and we have a choice as to whether we support that artist or not. In any healthy relationship you have to take the good with the not so good. So take it or leave it lol but in Trey's case I'll be taking all of his music.

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On: Dec 30, 2011

@Humbleheart first I just wanna say that in no way am I attacking you and I respect your OPINION emphasis on the word "OPINION" but...

You say Trey should be himself and make music about things that he's experienced and from wut I've heard thats wut he's doing. The things on his mixtape's follow all of the things that we hear about the music industry. Woman throwing themselves at artist, long periods of time on the road away from family, a feeling of loneliness even when being surrounded by people, lots of money and fancy things, and traveling the world. Maybe Trey is just not the man you want him to be, rather than him not being himself. You have to understand that music is art and this is no different from a painter painting a picture that represents sorrow because thats what he was feeling at the time. Whether or not you can relate to any of the topics in his songs, trust me, someone can and it may be positive for those people. I know that if I was a misguided young lady that thought sleeping with random artist was something cool, I would definitely rethink it after hearing how they really feel about those women.

On Trey's first album there is a song about young men growing up without a father and a single mother called 'From A Womans Hands'. Another song about single mothers struggling, giving recognition to the fathers that are in their childrens life and paying homage to our soldiers and their stuggle with the war and family called "Give A Little Love". Even on his latest single 'Top of The World' a line that pops to my head is the one about young women making guys respect them. Also 'Yo Side of The Bed' which was a single on his 3rd album and one of his mixtapes paying homage to our soldiers. All of these topics in which he has experienced.

Its seems like you want him to talk about things that he hasn't experienced and that would be him not being true to himself.

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On: Dec 29, 2011
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