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I think we can do with out the name calling. Unfortunately its kinda become apart of the hip hop culture to use that language in songs. Also, from a personal point of view I have used both words referring to both women and men in conversations. It was my way at the time of expressing how I felt about whomever I was referring to, whether I thought the person was loose, mean, a punk or even in a joking manner to a friend. So just imagine if I, a regular person, had a microphone and an audience at those times. It'll be just like those rappers, rockers, comedians, and reality show stars.... regular people with a mic and an audience expressing themselves.

I do agree it can be very offensive especially towards people who doesn't use that kind of vocabulary but I generally don't get offended when hearing those names cause I know that those people don't even know me. But sometimes I do kinda feel disgusted wit people when they say things like "black bitches" or "them hoes be on Trey" cause I'm black and I love Trey but I'm not a bitch or a hoe..... well maybe sometimes lol

Replied To: Disrespecting women (Forum topic)
On: Dec 05, 2011

Oh yea that would be nice

Replied To: SPECIAL TREATMENT (Forum topic)
On: Dec 05, 2011

Yup. I sure have.

Replied To: NOT TODAY TREY! (Forum topic)
On: Dec 03, 2011

Where the heck is Trey?!! I don't this one bit.

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On: Dec 01, 2011
On: Dec 01, 2011
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