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yup!!! it was awesome and i want to go to another one already

Replied To: Live Concert (Forum topic)
On: Nov 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Trey!!!

Replied To: trey's day (Forum topic)
On: Nov 28, 2011

Aww man I can completely understand how you feel honey sorry you were made to feel that way :( but all i can think is that even tho it came out of the guards mouth all the way wrong about people waiting inside who paid, he really meant that Trey having to do so much before the show like the meet and greets and getting dressed and prepared that he just didn't have the time to stop. Although it would have taken just a few seconds, when your in a rush and have things to do it really does affect the flow of things to stop. The fact that Trey waved at you should tell you that you matter and are acknowledged.

I think Trey is about his music. His fans and the money are just 2 big results of his music, which for him both can be a blessing and a burden at times. Hang in there sweetie you'll get your chance to meet him. And please do consider becoming an Angel :)

Replied To: Is Trey about his Fans or his Money $$$$ (Forum topic)
On: Nov 28, 2011

I would immediately call a wedding planner ;)

On: Nov 27, 2011

hey this post was made on my birthday

On: Nov 27, 2011
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