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I sent this idea to the Webcrew's "We Want To Hear From You" Thread a while ago. I know they do read the posts on there but maybe if a bunch of us sent the message at the same time maybe to the webcrew or Trey's Angels Team on here and on twitter, they'll consider it.

This actually would be a dream come true for me and I think about it all the time. I can sit in for hours on a studio session with friends just watching the magic happen and it would be amazing to see Trey and his team work.

On: Mar 30, 2012

@bornprettybee to answer you question even if there was a "connection" i wouldn't have sex with Trey right now. If there was a real connection there will be other opportunites for Trey to get this anyway. Even if I knew for a fact that moment will be my only time to give him some ever, i wouldn't do it. I made a vow to myself and I'm gonna try my hardest to keep it. Nobody is worth breaking that. Now if you would've asked me this question a few months ago I'd be like hell yea I felt a connection lol

@prittbrowniiz I like your values and your right no man is worth receiving a piece of you without you really having a piece of his heart

On: Mar 25, 2012

Heeyyy Beau Ideal!!! :)

Replied To: Angels in Jersey (Forum topic)
On: Mar 25, 2012

lol @chanelchante yup :)

Replied To: Angels in Jersey (Forum topic)
On: Mar 25, 2012

It depends. If I'm home, I'm prolly not dressed cause I don't like clothes,but if I was dressed I would be so shocked and excited but i'd invite him in.

On: Mar 22, 2012
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