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I am so like on the site just waiting right now :) it looks like its gonna be a good

On: Mar 22, 2012

Someone asked this question a while back and my answer then was I don't know but now I wouldn't let him hit on the first night cause i'm trying to stay abstinent until marriage. I may feel a little diappointed if I didn't hear from Trey after that night if I felt that we had a connection.

On: Mar 20, 2012

Happy Birthday TiaMarie and welcome Angel :)

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On: Mar 20, 2012

@msashleybabii yea after such a wonderful day like that we must become friends atleast

Replied To: A Day With Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Mar 20, 2012

We would charter a jet to Paris early in the morning, have lunch do some site seeing and shopping. talk it up laugh it up and sing it up the whole time and end it with a nice tight hug and kiss on the cheek until next time :)

Replied To: A Day With Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Mar 19, 2012
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Hi, my name is Tiana and I'm a 25 yr old Trey's Angel from Trenton, NJ. I am absolutely inspired by Trey Songz as an artist and a businessman. Like Trey, I love music, and I aspire to someday soon be a successful businesswoman and have a brand of my own. I'm also an aspiring singer/songwriter and, like Trey has, I would love to someday share my story. TREY SONGZ YOU ARE AMAZING AND TO ME YOU DEFINE MUSIC!!!! I LOVE YOU TREY!!! Follow me on twitter @tiana_sade
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