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This is easy. If we were just dating, it means we wouldn't have been intimate yet cause I'm practicing celibacy until marriage (sex complicates things), so I would have to let him go. I would give him his space for a while and when I'm ready I'll take him back if the feelings are still there. I think by doing that, it would teach him a lesson that I won't except that stuff.

If we were married I would definitely try and work things out.

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On: Mar 16, 2012

Lol I sooo miss these kinds of posts. Now for the question. I think I can handle a pain in the ass if there is love in my heart but if I don't love him and he gets on my got damn nerves then heck naw he's got to go! Ya'll know how it is if someone that ur in to does something you don't like you can just brush it off but as soon as someone u don't like do the same thing it makes ya blood boil and u be ready to hurt em?.... ok maybe thats just be lol Someone mentioned him smacking his mouth while eating and that automatically made me think about that Ustream he did when he was eating all that food and I damn there threw up watching him eat lol he eat like a damn vaccuum cleaner lol i was like "Damn u just gon swallow all them greens whole like that? Yea thats how u do it tho?" lmao

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On: Mar 15, 2012

Good idea.

On: Mar 12, 2012

I can totally relate to the situation. I've felt that way at a couple events. I'm shy and quiet when first meeting new people as well, but I smiled and even said hello to a few angels but they just stared and didn't even speak back just because I wasn't with their "clique". It's ashame but thats probably the way that those individuals are on a daily basis but puts on a front online. On the other hand I've been to some events and have met some really nice Angels. Although we take on this name of Trey's Angels a lot of us are far from being angel's.

Replied To: AWA-Angels With Attitudes (Forum topic)
On: Mar 12, 2012
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