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Replied To: rating (Forum topic)
On: May 02, 2011

First I would dance to No Clothes On or Whatever U Want, then I would have Pleasure start it off then tracks 2-10 from Anticipation, Your Behind, Role Play, Sex for You, and end it wit Ready To Make Love, Jupiter Love, One Love, and Love Faces for the love makin round and fall asleep to Addicted to Songz on repeat lmao

On: May 02, 2011

Oh My!!!! Somebody bout to be pregnaaaant. When "it" happens at the same time..... its a wrap!!! lol Woohoo go Nicole, she needs a bonus for this one

@Essence I get wut u sayin bout the scenes bein similar. u switched it up jus fine tho lol

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: May 02, 2011

@ Essence lol I'm sure he wouldn't be mad its a story although he may be like "damn!" when he reads those entries from Pt1 about the whole Trey teaching Essence a lesson after she got that chick beat up by her boyfriend (i just got chills thinkin about it)

Anyways keep up the good work and I wanna be hearing bout trey and Essence when they 60 and 70 yrs old..... literally about 40 to 45 yrs from now I want u to be postin entries from "stalker diaries 283" lol ok maybe not but I atleast would want to have the book

Now for this sexyness goin on...... YEESSSSSS more please!!!

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: May 01, 2011

I just read my previous comment and it may come off angry but it wasn't at all. Please don't misinterpret the tone of that comment. When I read it I was thinkin like "Dang that sound angry. I wonder if they think it was. Let me tell them its not" lol

but I sure hope fantasizin is not a sin cause I really fantasize/think about things all the time whether it be good bad crazy sad or sexual and I really can't control that. it would really suck if I'm being faulted for something that I can't control. i feel like you can't control wut you think about but u can control wut you physical do. There is so much more I can say right now but like you said @vita this is not a typing/writing conversation to be gettin deep.

In my eyes Trey doesn't come close to God but I can say I do see him as someone that God may have set forth to make me feel good at a time that I needed it. He said things in interviews that has really helped and I thank God for that. I know that all Trey's blessings come from God and I'm sure he knows it as well.

Replied To: r they believers of Christ on this site? (Forum topic)
On: Apr 30, 2011
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