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JIMS: "I will agree Trey is one of the few that gets tattoos that have meaning. I truly believe we are the wrong people to ask about his tattoos. All we can do is make assumptions about what the meaning is about the broken wings. You would have to ask Trey himself, because he is the only one that truly knows."

I agree the person that we need to ask is Trey. He always says all you have to do is ask him.

I haven't really given much thought to the meaning of his tattoos but I have thought about whether he believes in Christ or not. I heard things about this Illuminati crap and that they will reference "God" but that doesn't mean they believe in the same biblical God that we refer to. This made me curious, but I do remember Trey saying a prayer either on his show My Moment or somewhere and referencing Jesus Christ. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what I heard the prayer on but I do recall that prayer being the reason I dismissed the illuminati rumors.

My question: Even if someone acknowlege Jesus Christ, does it mean that they follow him or make an effort to?

I don't think so and there is no way of knowing this even if the person tells us that they do. The devil is very deceitful and can pose as some one who follows Christ. As far as this discussion goes I feel like all we can do is pray and hope that this man does follow Christ, and if not, maybe by seeing how Christ keeps us positive, it will encourage him or anybody else to follow Christ themselves.

Replied To: Spiritual Implications of Trey's Tattoos (Forum topic)
On: Feb 04, 2012

Hey guys don't be so harsh on contest winners...... I am one lol I won tickets to the Atlantic City show thru Power 99 and I am a die hard fan. I get where ya'll coming from tho cause I'm only happy contest winners get front row cause I am one but I do think we as Angels should have the opportunity to get front row tickets especially if we waited for that exact time the tickets when on sale and paid 1000$ to be there. I would be pissed if i'm not in the first couple of rows.

Replied To: Anticipation 2our #VIP (Forum topic)
On: Feb 01, 2012

I just won tickets to the show from Power 99 I'm so happy cause lord knows I couldn't afford tickets this time!!!

Replied To: Atlantic City (Forum topic)
On: Jan 25, 2012

@humbleheart nope i couldn't resist I love a good debate lol

but i understand your points and you have made some valid ones. we may just have very different personalities or views on certain things and some things that you may see as a problem I may see as fun or vice versa. i see nothing wrong with the idea of music making people feel aroused cause its a natural feeling or an age appropriate adult taking back a few drinks or dancing to music at a club as long as its done with discretion of course. so there fore i see nothing wrong with Trey's music.

Replied To: Disrespecting women (Forum topic)
On: Jan 01, 2012
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