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Replied To: I Invented Sex (Video)
On: Sep 29, 2010
On: Sep 29, 2010
Replied To: Already Taken [Step Up 3D] (Video)
On: Sep 29, 2010
On: Sep 29, 2010
On: Sep 29, 2010
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what can i say about myself , i am a great preson to know and also fun, i love my life because if i don't who will i love trey songz music and hem lol. he is a great singer and person so that why i love his song. i list to his mucie when i am down and when i think the world is out to get me his music make me forget all my problem. i love cooking that what i do at work, i begin cook when i was seventeen year old that when i get my first job i also love listing to nicki minaj song and many other singer.i am from liberia which is in west african i came to this country when i was 13 year of age and went to middle school and high school and gratulated in 04 right after i went to collage but i get pulled back when i had my son because my family was very mad at me so they did not help me at all so i didn't finish collage i had to work two job and my boyfriend too that how we made i thank god for taking care of us, now my son is four and doing fine with out my family help , love you trey.
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