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i'm goin with the bestie but this sounds like a good plan. i'm down. i just hope she's down 2. lol. my fb name is diasia scott and email is i'm in like row 200 or 201. i wish i was closer 2 but hey. i'm just excited 2 b goin

On: Nov 14, 2012

yay! i'm soooo glad this story is back! but uh oh. shanell about 2 b hardheaded and not listen 2 trey i c. he's only tellin her what's best. i already know ish is about 2 pop off and i can't wait!

On: Nov 04, 2012

oh snap!!! ish about 2 hit the fan!!! omg! it feels like i'm watchin a suspense movie and now a commercial is on interruptin all of the good stuff. lol. i hope everybody is ok though. smh @ kelli tard ass. she should've known that mel was gunna follow her

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Nov 04, 2012

i really enjoyed reading ur stories and i'm sad 2 c ur site go :( hopefully u'll keep writing on here though

On: Nov 04, 2012

oh damn! wtf done happened 2 trey now?!

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Oct 21, 2012
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