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word??? and where is this party bc i would sure wanna go and i'm not evan a party person lol. i just wanna meet trey

On: Oct 21, 2012

i didn't check my email until around 12. y'all r lucky y'all have good seats. i'm just glad i ended up wit a tix so yay. lol

Replied To: Calling NYC Angels ()
On: Oct 21, 2012

i'm in section 200 row x. i don't have twitter or instagram but enjoy! :)

Replied To: I got my tickets !!!! ()
On: Oct 21, 2012

damn. y'all have really good seats lol. i ordered my tix off my phone with my wack ass 4g smh @ t-mobile lol. i'm in section 200 row x. and yea @ NASYARENEE. this in my 4th time seeing him. i luvvvvv hearing him live. i hope u enjoy urself as much as i do :)

On: Oct 21, 2012

awwww. y'all r young. enjoy these teen yrs though. and i'll b 24 on fri. damn. lol

On: Oct 21, 2012
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