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December 24

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March 13

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  • I got my 1st tat yesterday and i want another 1. smh. lol. but my ass is broke so i guess i'll be waiting 4 another tatoo party 2 pop off

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January 8

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December 27

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  • who isn't on twitter??? i feel so left out :( lol. i think i'm goin 2 join 1 day. mayb that can b 1 of my new years resolutions

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Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

I know I am way late responding to this but I didn't even know you left the comment until now. I haven't posted PPP yet on here so you definitely haven't missed reading it. Believe it or not I'm still writing this story. My plan was to put all three stories in a book for you guys but I kept getting so side tracked that I changed my mind. I am currently working on a different story for a book so I will post PPP on here as I initially planned. As soon as I finish it I'll have it up...who knows maybe if I put it up it'll force me to complete it lol

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Secret Service has been Updated! :)

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You picture is nice. If you having a problem confirming your site request let me know.

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

Just want to thank you so much for your words on It means a lot to me that you guys even take the time out to read my stories. Thank you so much for all the support. :)