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welcome 2 both of y'all. have fun @ the concert!!! :)

Replied To: New Angel ()
On: Sep 30, 2012

ok. that'll be good then bc i never got a vip ticket b4 so i'm hoping i can treat myself to one this time around. we just have to wait and c

On: Sep 30, 2012

i luv both songs but i like bad decisions better. idk if its the beat or what but i luv that song

Replied To: Bad Decisions VS Fumble ()
On: Sep 22, 2012

that was soooo helpful. thanks :) my membership expires next month so i just renewed it

Replied To: i feel sooooo slow lol ()
On: Sep 22, 2012

oh wow. i only have 1 card and i've been an angel for 2 years. i'm feeling sum type of way y'all have 2 and 3 lol

Replied To: Membership Cards ()
On: Sep 22, 2012
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