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I missed reading ur stories. But whoooo hoooo. They sure didn't waste any time I c. Such freaks! Lol

On: Jul 25, 2012

II'm sorry 2 hear about ur parents. I wish I had sum $ or info 2 help. If I hear of anything I will surely 4ward it 2 ur email. U will find a way 2 finish school girl. Don't worry. I'm proud of u and the fact that u were so determined 2 do what u had 2 do 2 get in2 the school of ur dreams

Replied To: An Angel's Cry ()
On: Jul 25, 2012

Welcome! :-)

Replied To: New Trey's Angel ()
On: Jul 25, 2012

Uh yea! I remember ur story. Ima need u 2 finish it asap. Thanks. Lol

Replied To: ..... Secret Service ()
On: Jul 25, 2012

Awwww. I am soooo sorry 2 hear that. I'll keep u and ur fam in my prayers. May she rest in peace

On: Jul 25, 2012
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