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September 2

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  • dont have the camera batts yet but will get them this will just have to do for now i know you thinkin of me...dreamin of me...wantin me email me tell me and show me how much u wanna get ta know me

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I'm a 23 yr old black sexy educated intelligent lady who is currently enrolled in school trying hard to be successful. Born and raised in good ole oklahoma grew up in a christian home where i attended church regularly (i need to start goin again) not really into celebs but trey songz is very talented and a strong black man who said i just gotta make it and did it honorably, some of his music inspires me like "just gotta make it" and "successful" wit drake and others like "sex room" and "invented sex" make me hot... anyway and he sexy and i like his swaggerrrrr.
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