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Replied To: Angel Twitters (Forum topic)
On: Nov 01, 2011
Replied To: 106 & PARK (Blog)
On: Oct 31, 2011

I don't know why we are categorizing angels. We all have one very important thing in common, WE LOVE TRY. Shouldn't we leave it at that? Anyway, since you are on twitter you should follow me @daftdynolium. Let me know you are an Angel (whatever kind of angel you may be lol) and I will follow you back

Replied To: Different Types of Angels on Twitter... (Forum topic)
On: Sep 27, 2011

let me just say this, your time will come!
I was just got my follow a couple of fridays ago and i literally couldn't believe it. I thought trey would never follow me too. So you just have to be patient and remember that trey has millions of fans. It's so worth the wait!

Replied To: Trey's unofficial followed Angels (Forum topic)
On: Sep 19, 2011

i can't even stunt...i'm excited as HELL..i literally can not wait..all my friends think i'm crazy..but other angels understand haha

On: Sep 19, 2011
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