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Congrats ladies!!

On: Dec 17, 2012

Welcome angel!! Took me about six weeks to receive mine but it was definitely worth the wait when it finally came! My twitter is @Simplymonbon :)

Replied To: Finally an Angel ()
On: Dec 16, 2012

I completely agree with you on this. Although I've been to concerts, I haven't had that beautiful moment to meet him, I don't mind when others relive their memories occasionally with him via the internet because I would do the same and it's nice to hear, I get excited when I hear angels tell their stories because I know how happy that must've made them but I agree, bragging hurts some peoples' feelings especially those who may never meet Trey, just have to take others feelings into consideration because were all supposed to be sisters. All love, that's what we should get back to lol.

On: Oct 31, 2012

I'll most likely be there! Can't wait to meet you! :)

On: Oct 14, 2012

My name on Facebook is Monica Monbon Pittman :)

On: Oct 09, 2012
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What's up, ya'll? My name is Monica and I'm from North Carolina, I love Trey Songz so much from his musical talent to his amazing looks, I listen to him all the time no matter where I am and I feel like he's one of the greatest R&B singers of all-time and no doubt he's my favorite singer! I love you, Treyy..YUUPP! lol. I'm so proud and honored to be apart of Trey's Angels as well as Team Songz in general, your love for Trey and my love for him instantly makes us all connected forever! :) #CompellingAngel
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