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Replied To: "COVER: Trey Just Did It" (Blog)
On: Mar 30, 2010

I love the angel wings on his back...he took something that was a lil overdone and made it original. He says that all his tattoos mean something.

On: Aug 05, 2009

I'm thinking a song wit him and Nicki Minaj would be mad hot!

Replied To: Trey ft ?????? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 31, 2009

May 17th 1985 (24)

Replied To: Age Check!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2009

thanks juicylilred :-)...and it is possible for a reality show to help someone's career. Not only will it give his current die hard fans a glimpse into his life, but it will also create another fanbase for him. ppl who would otherwise have no idea who Trey Songz is or what he is about and what GREAT music he creates would be able to see that....Here's until then...USTREAM!!!!!!! lol

On: Jul 29, 2009
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The name is Dawnita....Here for Trey Songz....Simple as that...MUAH