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When I first read about the contest I thought to myself I Gotta Make It. I Gotta Go and write the best comment in the world the meet my Panty Droppa on google hangout. I'm so Ready to ask the 'hemd' of his sexy body. Unfortunate for me meeting him will be online, so I'll still be Alone. I just really need a good Massage. Since I heard him say 'I need a girl', I want to show him I'm his Wonder Woman. From the first moment I heard Trey's music it's been Passion Pain & Pleasure, it might not be Unusual to hear for him, but I just know we Can't be Friends, 'cause we're Made To Be Together. I'm his One Love. Whenever I hear my Tremaine sing I just want to put my Bottoms up, make Love Faces and let the Neighbors Know My Name. I'd love to se him be even more Successful in the Benelux, so I could see him more often. Last Time was so long ago. I guess now I Can't Help But Wait. Imma put No Clothes On only my Red Lipstick and I'll be Missin' You, wishing to Be Where You Are. Heel veel liefde van je Nederlandse Angel.. <3<3

On: Aug 19, 2012
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