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It does'nt get too much better than Lauren London. But if in fact she did have a baby by Lil Wayne then that makes Trey a BALD HEAD for wife'n her up! That's just something you don't do! Lol ~ Dennis_Yupp

Replied To: Trey and lauren london (Forum topic)
On: Sep 29, 2010

Well Ladies.....If ya'll are never fortunate enough to meet trey I'm the NEXT BEST thing.....I swear I get told I look like songz at least twice a week....from someone first I kinda just blew it off....but I've learned to embrace it and go along with it....LOL....

Replied To: Relationship (Forum topic)
On: Sep 29, 2010
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They say imma young songz.....(minus the voice, the fame, and the butt loads of money) LOL.....but I basically get on here to swagger far as his wardrobe!
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