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Denzel Julius Michael


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no ur not the only dude here, i thought i was the only dude here wassup. im from london

On: Aug 12, 2009

i think he should be in a toysRus commercial and LOL smiley face will be playin in the background and soulja boy and gucci mane will be the staff and Fabolous(my fav rapper) will be the manager

On: Aug 12, 2009

''since im from london, i would like my experience to be a shopping centre and there was no security so i can talk to him man to man (face to face). and jus be laughin and talkin, but first i will be walkin around lookin at some close and he will be behind me and i'll accidentaley walk backwards and then he'll same sorryy kid and then i'll look up and start shakin. Then thats when we start talkin and laughin and then i'll ask him wat he doin in London, and he will be like he got a house over here and then he will ask me if i wanna roll wit him until he leaves, then i'll ask my mama and wen i tell her who im wit she will hav no choice but to say yes. So then wen i go home that night he'll call me and i'll be like how u get my numba and he'll say u dropped ur card at the shop and then i'll tell him 2 meet me somewhere and then i'll show him around the town. And the nhe'll say next time i come to london i'll giv u a call so we can hang out again and i'll be like WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO
but b4 he leaves i'll take pictures wit him and get som1 to record a vid of me and him actin silly and singing and then i'll ask him 4 advice on how he get so many girls (not tryna jack his swagga) and then i'll ask him about Fabolous (coz loso is my fav rapper in case u aint no so)
Then i will stay up all night look at the pics and videos (NO HOMO).
And thats wat i would like my experience of me meetin Trey Songz to be like.
God bless errbody and all the Trey Songz and Fabolous fans out there.

On: Aug 12, 2009
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Denzel Julius Michael
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I live in London and i am 15 yrs old. I have been a Trey Songz fan since i was 11 yrs old. And i jus love good music and dat is wat Trey is bringing to the music indusrty. I also would like to be involved in the music industry as and Rnb/ hip-hop artist (singing and rapping). I believe in God and i also believe that if i work hard, then i will make it. Im also a big Fabolous fan. And my favourite song at the moment is Fabolous ft Trey songz- Last Time. My favourite Trey Songz tracks have to be his Misunderstood remix because it helps me understand the struggle an artist has to go through to reach the place they want to be at, Can't help but wait, Last Time, Missing You, Gotta Make it, Only Girl, Game we play, Slow, Wonder woman, LOL- smiley face, In the middle, Role Play, We should be, Lonely, Takes time to Love, Comfortable remix, Dont wanna come down, Cheat on you, Replacement girl, Gotta Go, Girl tonight, Without you (rebstar), In ya phone, Brand new and many more. God bless errbody