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On: May 07, 2010
On: Apr 30, 2010

First & foremost, Trey has an undeniable talent that speaks for itself! Secondly, he's does Trey & nobody else! Songbook Baby! Haha! Lastly, he's genuine! Oh and yes, he's unbelievably gorgeous!

Replied To: What Sets Trey Apart From Other Artists? (Forum topic)
On: Apr 30, 2010

I have too many to just name one! I'll see if I can sum my favorites up to a few...more than that, scratchin me up, on top, infidelity, she ain't my gurl, one love, black roses, love lost, yo side of the bed, we should be making love, last time, role play, I could go on....smh. Hatin love, cheat on you. Girl I love so many I knew I wouldn't be able to just name a few! I didn't put all of them here! Haha! I love anything Trey Songz touches!

On: Apr 30, 2010

If Trey took me to meet his mother, I would be myself! I wouldn't do nothing more than be myself!

On: Apr 14, 2010
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Life is so amazing, there is nothing more amazing then life itself, except GOD, my love ones & Trey Songz!