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On: Nov 15, 2011

@Raven lmao yea Raven is a nice name but your reading it as if it was ur name anyway and heaven is a nice name also nevaeh ..heaven spelled backwards!!

On: Feb 17, 2011

Hi..New Supporters..Thank You for Reading ..i will not quit this story i hate starting things and not finishing them so i will continue and i hope i still have ya'll support..ya'll also can follow me on twitter @DatBadBitchDes if ya'll want and i will follow ya'll back!!!

On: Feb 17, 2011

5 months later
Chapter 2-“Passion Pain Pleasure”

It’s been 5 months since then and my new album was about to drop “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” this is one of the albums I gave my all to, singing about things I’m passionate about, things that make me feel pain like being away from my daughter , my fam, and the death of my wife, and the pleasure of being with a beautiful woman making love to her and given her pleasure all over her body..shit even thinking about making love to another woman don’t feel right the last woman I made love to was my wife, but anyway my career is going good, actually more then good I started a fan club called “TREY ‘S ANGELS” it’s going great I Love my Angels they keep me going so far I just wrap up a live segment with 106&Park now I’m on my way to a photo shoot with Rocawear since Jay-z made me the new face of his clothing line, I also just got off a tour with Jay-z 2 months ago…I pulled up to the photo shoot texting on my Blackberry when I bump into somebody dropping my phone and everything the person had as well..

Trey- “Damn my bad”

Woman-(picking up her briefcase and the paper that fell out) "shit...I’m so so sorry I didn’t mean to bump into u.. I wasn’t paying attention where I was going… I’m sorry..."

On: Feb 17, 2011
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I'm Trey's Baby From N.Y.
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I'm Destane'e I'm 20 years Old and i'm a BIGGGGGGGGGG Trey Songz Fan
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