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My idea of a simply amazing valentines day is understanding that its not just for the lovers, but for love in general. love for friends, family, significant others, and most importantly-yourself. its one thing to be able to give and receive love with others, but its truly amazing when you know what it is to love yourself, and be able to celebrate, adore, and cherish the most precious gift-you! in life, we always make sure that we care and do for others, and often times forget about ourselves, so my simply amazing valentines day would include a day of 'me". pampering, loving, and catering to myself. and also giving my love to others. especially my mother. my mother is a two time cancer survivor, and every chance i get to show her that i celebrate, appreciate and love her, i will. i always start off with flowers and candy, but even gifts cant compare to the presence of someone who really loves you. spending time while you have time. not just for valentines day, but everyday. the laughter, the smiles, and even the tears are special. and valentines day is just another day to do all of that with the ones you love. that is my simply amazing valentines day-not only celebrating love, but celebrating life with the ones you love!!

On: Feb 13, 2013
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United States