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On: Sep 07, 2010

honestly, i think that trey's fame allows him to attrack more women then he would without it. Dont get me wrong he is a very, very attractive man that i wouldnt mind getting to know myself, but lets be real. If an average guy was to throw his shirt, full of sweat, at you you would be pissed, but because it's tremaine you're not, and probably fighting for it.

On: Sep 07, 2010

I really enjoyed Trey's (your, to whomever may be reading this) concert in MS (ppp) on the 31st it was a nice way to bring in my 20th year of living!!! The performance was perfection! LOVED IT! Especially "Neighbors Know My Name" part smh!!! I have officially been scarred for life (in a good way) lol!

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On: Sep 03, 2010
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