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holla if you need me , does he do it , role play , be where you are, last time , say aaah, ready to make love, oh my bad see i wouldnt stop at one id be like sing another lol

On: Oct 03, 2009

how real he is he is always in touch with his fans so very humble i like that not out there trying to be a god, just being himself

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 03, 2009

okay okay if he kissed me he better have the next two hours freed up , cuz he be braggin about what he do , and pullin hair, after listening to that thur cd all the time u know if he kissed me he may go m.i.a for a few hours im just sayin,
im joking of course id kiss him back

On: Oct 03, 2009

okay okay my name is chelle and i addicted to trey's cd ..i listen to it every day and dream of him often i call the 804 335 0051 wow damn i actually remember that lol but yea for the moment im wee bit just a wee bit ob - ob- obsessed okay there i said it , Trey baby call me im waiting he dont do it like u do it , u said holla if i need u , im hollerin ....i want to know what them neighbors are hearing trey , can a sista know how u invented sex im just sayin...i know how to role play ...lmao okay let me stop seriously i do love the man's music

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On: Oct 03, 2009
On: Sep 28, 2009
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