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Reali feelin da new album Trey!! I play it all day! LOVE IT!

On: Sep 26, 2010
On: Apr 29, 2010
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Wats hannen??? My name is Amanda and I'm 20 from Virginia Beach, VA. 757 AYYEE!!! I attend NC A&T SU in Greensboro,NC also a Junior[c/o 2013!] I'm majoring in Landscape Architecture. I love to draw in my spare time, especially tattoos[draw my own] if not I'm studyin. Ima kool person to know. People say I'm funny[I don't think so] I'm 100% no need to lie. You feel me? I used run track and field[specialty Long & Triple jump] wouldn pickl anything better! I have goals to grad from college and to become a great successful African American female Landscape Architecture. [= Mayb as the yearrs past I will b marriedand have kids and so on and so forth. Wrapping things up, I just wana live my life to the fullest and just enjoy being me while some people just hate on my POSITIVE MOVE! AH HAA!! Follow me on twitter tooo! @DiiLiite I'll follow back.
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