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As heart breaking as it might be to think of Trey with anyone...its a very good look for him. They are adorable together, (i watched their videos on youtube like a bunch of times). I guess if he has to be with someone I would want it to be helen (or me!!! lol) Plus it can put a end to this idea people have of him as a ho..I mean I know how it looks but Usher does it, Tyrese did it, Ginuine..hell Teddy Pendagrass!(sp?)...Sexy men do sexy things ya feel me...but nothings wrong with settling down (with me!!) Then again, they may not even be back together. He could have been helping her out as a friend because him and his people knew we would be doing things like this! lol..but together or not, we all know she will always have a place in his heart...and maybe when he reaches a point in his life and career we will hear some OFFICIAL news of thier relationship...What ever you do Trey we will all love you regardless..its not just your talent, its your drive that keeps us here! You inspire people to work hard and thats what really matters (marry me!? lol jk)..."hard work beats talent if talent doesnt work hard"- Trey..My new life motto

Replied To: What's up with Helen (Forum topic)
On: Jul 08, 2010
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