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What kind of ? is tht...he doesn't just have one...his whole body from head to toe is his best feature's...

Replied To: What is Tremaine's (Trey) best feature? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 30, 2010

U Belong to ME.. I just want him to make me feel like am all his and he not wiorried about nobody or no one else at all.... but me.....just want to feel like its just me and him all alone in this world!!!!!!! Trey....Get Me

On: Mar 30, 2010

1. IHop
2. Ego (Trey Mix)
3. Girlfriend Can Come 2 ( Trey Mix)
4. No Clothes On
5. Your Side of the Bed
6. Black Roses
7. Love Lost
8. Scratchin Me Up
9. Murder She Wrote
10. U Belong to Me

On: Mar 30, 2010

Am with you on tht...I might if he gave me only tht one will be worth never really know wht will happen... and you right @ Tyra u do only live why not take tht'll be a fool to past tht up and I Love Trey...Please

On: Mar 30, 2010
On: Dec 01, 2009
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Hello Everyone, Thank you for checking out my Profile.... Am in here for only one thing my baby Trey...... it's all about him...Love you Babes!!!!!!!!

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