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Dj Noise P


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Dj Noise P
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NOISE P - A DJ, A FACT - This DJ, passionate about Soul and R&B music, has been in the music business for over 15 years. He is one of these self made artists that bought a set of turntables, a mix table, started of with of few records and did what he felt was right. and right it was ! Very soon he's on air with his own radio show, on a small local radio station, called "Noise Attraction", very soon a national radio (Funradio) asks him to start up an urban radio show called 'SoulStation', transformed into "Keep it Real" later on, 4h non stop of the best urban tracks During the radioshow Noise P welcomes different national as well as international artists. Noise P becomes resident DJ for the StreetSoul Scenario @ Carré, on of the biggest Belgian clubs, on Sunday. He will play at different warm ups during concerts such as Keith Sweat, Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Flo Rida, MAXWELL, Backstreet Boys, Trey Songz (2010), EVE, 112, JOE, Trey Songz (2011)... Different national artist stand in line to sign him as official DJ, he will work together with different national , … When Belgium becomes too small he decides to take it a step further and widen the horizons towards other European countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Hollande, Luxembourg, UK, … After Europe other continents follow and he travels to Morocco, South-Africa, Namibia, Angola, Turkey,Thaïlande-Pattaya … The next dream is to conquer the American crowd with his passion for music ! Brands such as Stanton for DJ equipment and Ecko Unltd for the streetwear offer Noise P a sponsorship and a close collaboration. Noise P creates his podcast radio called N.Phat Flavor Radio where he drops monthly new mixes with that typical NP style. And all those that heard him play will confirm that he is best described as: "MAKE SOME NOISE“ Radioshow : Keep It Real- Fun Radio Every FRIDAY 20H-00H with Dj Man, Vinz, Flash .... NPhat Flavor Radio – Free Podcast : To find out more, visit :!/DJNOISEP Podcast :
Djing, Music, Computers, Traveling
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Trey Songz, Mary J Blige, Notorious BIG, 2 Pac, Michael Jackson, Guru, Jay Z, ....
Twitter Name:!/DJNOISEP