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Girl I said the same thing...that old construction paper look like something my son uses in preschool, played us. And it could've been personalized with our names on it or something. LOL. I totally agree. LOL

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On: Mar 07, 2012

Yeah Donte is a lil stern...I was going off at the Detroit show cause they made us mad waiting on tickets cause my girl won Donte wouldn't let us in and Alisha Trey's assistant had already told us we were VIP and we were meeting Trey. He was like Calm Down Calm Down...i'm like dude you don't understand. But he was ok after that. Now as for the girl in Detroit that was pre-planned where would she get a chage of clothes from if it wasn't pre-planned.
Plus her acting skills needed sharpened, you can tell a fan from a fake. It he brought me on stage they probably would've arrested me cause I wouldv'e been all over Trey you said you wouldn't judge me right. LOL!!

On: Mar 07, 2012

R u serious...2 to 3 months thats crazy. My BFF on the pic with me did her's before me and I got mine before her. Thats bold. I did call her and rubbed it in tho. LOL. They need to hire me to expidite the merchandise a lil bit faster. LOL

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On: Mar 07, 2012

I'm a newbie to...Welcome to Angel World.

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On: Mar 06, 2012

So pre-planned, Jay his road manager and Donte was walking around at the Detroit show, and the girl they picked came back with a new outfit on, we was like how in the world did she change clothes. So we knew it was pre-planned. LOL

On: Mar 06, 2012
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I am a Gospel Rap artist and the church folk condemn me because of my love for Trey. I posted pics of Trey this week on my fb page and they had a problem with that. I just tell them Trey would say. LOL. I have always been a fan but wasn't head over heels until The Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour. I have never been the type to be obsessed over any star but as for Trey it's just something about him that just does it for me. He is the only man besides Jesus and my son that puts a smile and my face. lol. I pray for him all the time that God keeps a shield of "Angels" around him . I love to hear him sing but as for the rapping I really wish he would realize that rapping is not his calling. I love "What I Be On" but the Frito Lays was a little corny. #IJS. (Justathought) LOL.But naw... I want Trey to know that there is people like myself who genuinely love him and want the best for him. IDC what anybody thinks, I love me some Trey and theres nothing they can do about it
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