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YES!!!! come talk to us!!!!

On: Aug 09, 2009

i first saw him last year in chicago at the songz for peace standing on the chair recording his was getting hard so once i found my balance..i one-handed the camera and just followed his body across the stage as best i could lol...the show was great and it was my first time meeting a lot of tsmb members from the board..anyways..i get home and looked at the footage only to find that he sung directly into my camera...i was soooo happy bc that was the last thing i expected..

On: Jul 25, 2009

nah..he doesnt have to..and i doubt that he will.maybe if presented the opportunity in the future..way in the future..he might but i really dont think find with his signature 2 far as the awards..he did good..we all were proud to see him step out of his "comfort zone" i guess you could say

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On: Jul 25, 2009


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On: Jul 25, 2009
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On: Jul 25, 2009
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