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Dominique Love Lost...


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On: Nov 18, 2009
Replied To: WATCH: I Invented Sex (Spoof) (Blog)
On: Nov 14, 2009
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Dominique;; Love Lost...
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Umm, Ima pretty straight forward girl, I love all forms of art, vocal, drawing, poems anything that has Real meaning yu kno? Idk why im writing this who the hell is going to read it lol. I sing as a hobby, Should take it up but I have other ambitions right now... I'd like to go see Trigga I think we would get on... not like dat but yu kno, yu seem like someone I can chill wit for some reason lol. No intentions of freakin yu out doe lol. Yeah well il try hit you up on that number thingy, but I think il wait till my sister does that collab with yu lol. Well, get at me if you want to kno more huh? I'm not normally an emotional girl, but the song "love lost" hits an emotion that doesn't come out often at All... I was kinda shocked, so I had to pay my respects an join Trigga's network lol. Oh n my names Dominique.. but yu'll get to know that when Elay starts her shiii. God bless x