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Im just upset dat just because we found out da truth dat he isnt Trey Songz.... He's not tweeting anymore like wow.... Dats crazy

On: Jan 06, 2011

Basically.... MsBTaylor n I knew it da hole time.....

@MissRobynMarie thanx even tho I knew it.... Mayb he just wanted more followers of something

On: Jan 06, 2011

EVERYBODY PLZZZZZ LOOK AT @TREYSONGZ TWEETS N DEN LOOK AT @THEBESTSEX101 TWEETS. ITS DOESNT ADD UP LIKE U REALLY HAVE DA TIME TO POST TWO DIFFERENT TIMES AT THE SAME TIME.... IMPOSSIBLE LIKE SERIOUSLY LDAIES.@Thebestsex101, is really running wif it like it not fucked up. We're Trey songz fan n seriously im not gonna allow dis to continue cause dats really messed up whn u seriously think bout it. Im willing to bet if any of us was to c TreySongz frm now till mayb da end of dis month n I ask he's going to look at u like 'Shorty u cant b serious'.... just look at both tweets.

On: Jan 06, 2011


#TwitterAfterdark, everybody particiate in it thats first and foremost.
1. Y should TreySongz really need to make another account whn the world knows he's a freak in the first place?. Its doesnt add up to do another account whn u already have 1, y not do it on that one, cause on stage n in vidoes he shows dat side to us fans. Exactly a (cover up) dat someone else is using his name.
2. Basiclly my point as well.... Y would he really take his time out of his busy schedule n sit dere a create another account, seriously come on ladies ya'll not stupid now, r ya'll?......
3. Thank u!!!!! He never said that wasnt him in da first place but y would u change ur name to ROMEO n not something frm his albums n switch it up like-> Sex for ur twitter or twitterPleasure.... something. Its fucked up how he got ya'll really thinking its him whn it isnt at all. "SHOW MORE PROOF HOMIE

" HONESTLY YA'LL I SERIOUSLY KNOW ALL MY FOLLOWERS N I KNOW HOW IM FOLLOWING CAUSE I TALK TO DA HUNDRED N SOMETHING FOLLOWERS EVERYDAY ON FACEBOOK SO I KNOW N @THEBESTSEX101 NEVER, EVER HAD DAT NAME B4. "TRUST I KNOW" He just changed it like in da beginning/middle of 2010 n its been great ever since I damn sure cant front like im not loving his tweet or nothing like dat shit I even put like 8ppl on to him so dont get me wrong like Im hating far frm it but he's poppin right now. I got love for him n all but srry ladies he isnt TreySongz at all. "

On: Jan 06, 2011
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