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It has been a while since I joined but I believe there is an email you can send questions to. Go to the Treys Angels facebook page and get more info also try twitter @TreysAngels dm if they follow you if not just mention them. Trey and his team are extremely busy so don't expect a response too quickly. I hope this helps #AngelLove

Replied To: sad/confused (Forum topic)
On: Oct 07, 2012

Really cinematic and visually beautiful Trey! Love it and I am sooooooo proud of you...

On: Oct 07, 2012

I'm a single mom too and I understand and respect your struggle sis. Keep your head up and you are in my prayers #AngelLove

Replied To: Review From An Angel (Blog)
On: Oct 07, 2012

I can't find u on twitter sis follow me @DtownCougar

Replied To: new angels (Forum topic)
On: Sep 27, 2012

Too many memories, too many wonderful women to name. We lost Dani this year and that has been the hardest thing to handle. She loved her some Trey and we were supposed to go to a NYC show together. I changed my mind at the last minute and she was crushed. I miss her dearly. I don't take God's blessings for granted nor the bonds that have been created due to a man named Tremaine Aldon Neverson. #AngelLove is REAL!

Replied To: Happy Angelversary (Blog)
On: Sep 16, 2012
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