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On: Nov 01, 2012

Who's going to the Southaven show?

On: Nov 01, 2012

Does anyone know the cost of Meet and Greet

On: Nov 01, 2012


On: Nov 01, 2012

Same here. Idk what's this all about!

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On: Oct 31, 2012's picture
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Lady Shun
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I am from the A-R-K. I am Trey's 'Involved Angel'! Trey followed me on 9/2/11!!!! As much as I love Trey Songz, I am married w/2 adorable children that I would give my life for as well as my mother, who raised me as a single parent & grandmother (my backbones). Just a little more about me, I have a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice & a Masters degree in Psychology. I enjoy taking pictures especially of Trey lol! I have attended five of his concerts between Arkansas and Memphis, TN. I enjoy listening to music. Of course Trey is my ace & YES, I HAVE BEEN DOWN SINCE 'O5!!! Others include Maxwell, Usher, R. Kelley, Eric Benet, Ginuwine, Ne-Yo, Mary J, Keysia Cole & I am a New Edition junkie. I love that ole skool; Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Earth Wind & Fire, Prince, & always & forever the King, Michael Jackson. My top rappers are Mystikal,T.I, Plies, Wayne, UGK, 8 Ball & MJG, & Eminem! I am a Dallas Cowboy & L.A. Lakers fan 4 life!
Listening to music, dancing, zumba!
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New Edition
United States
Roshunda Foreman
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
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