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ebony :)
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my name is ebony .... ive been a fan of tremaine since 2004! this man has made me be more succesfull in lifeat 1st i never wanted to tell anyone that i could sing but once i realized how trey became so successfull in life i realized that one day i could be walking on the red carpet along with being nominated for an award ! everyone at school is like im his number one fan and im like no ur not belive it or not ive been a fan of tremaine since he 1st came out .... i will never forget the day i went to bow wow and omarion concert and he was opening up for them and as young as i was i was like who is this fine brother on the stage ! lls well he blew me away ! and i will never forget this day when i saw him in concert with his sexy cornrows and a white T on and some baggy jeans on ! :) i may be a youngin but i will be a succesfull black women one day ! :) <3 tremaine neverson !
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