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I cannot wait. I will be front and centered at my computer waiting patiently for you to come on and put on Sexy Valentine Show.

On: Feb 11, 2013

PICK AN ANGEL TO WIN. As much as i want to win this for myself, if my Angel family won I would not be as mad. So good luck ladies.

On: Feb 11, 2013

I have to Win this. I gotta go hard on this contest. I never won anything like this and this contest right here is a once in a lifetime chance to meet Trey and chill with him. T

On: Feb 11, 2013

Its always a rotten apple in the bunch. But to answer your question Tricia, I am Team Trelly as well. I think they look soo cute together. Although I think the timing is not right for the both of them I think eventually it will become official. Like Trey said in a lot of his interviews, His music right now is his focus and he is on the move to much to be able to balance the two.

Replied To: Team Kelly vs. Team Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Jan 14, 2013

Of course he had singles that I think could have been better to release but I dont think there was a need to because he already have that fan base. 2 Reason was more of a club banger and Simply Amazing was more on a pop song to sell to more of a diverse type of crowd and that was his main goal. Heart Attack was more for his fans that he already have. What I have noticed when I go to his concerts is that he spend more time on the songs that us Angels like. For example, Fumble, Without a Women, Dont Be Scared, he spent ample time displaying the messsage from those songs. Although I do love the R&B side of Trey Songz, I like how he incorporated the Rap in this album because that was his first love. Keep doing what you Trey because I been a fan since the very beginning. Every year you show my city love (STL) and I'm not mad at you and the decisions you make.

Replied To: Low Album Sales (Forum topic)
On: Jan 14, 2013
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