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You can follow me on instagram at Ericka8709. I dont really be on twitter that much. Im just now getting hip. Lol.

Replied To: Instagram and twitter ()
On: Jan 13, 2013

I dont really remember how long it took for mines to come. But I think it took like a month or so. Im sure it will come. Dont worry.

Replied To: Trey's Angels Membership ()
On: Jan 13, 2013

Although I missed majority of the livestream, I was able to see the countdown and bring in the new year with my distant lover TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!

On: Jan 01, 2013

Im so jealous. I cant wait til my time come. Did you meet him at a meet and greet?

On: Oct 23, 2012

Thanks for the update because I was wondering when they were going to go on sale. I can't wait to see Trey once again in concert.

On: Oct 23, 2012
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Ericka Freeman
Saint Louis
United States
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