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I do not know exactly how many albums were sold or where his singles was placed on the Billboard but what I do know is that Chapter V was a great Album. I could play his album over and over and over again and I still will not get tired of it. As far as the singles that were released prior to the album coming out, I think they were a great choice for what he was trying to accomplish, which is broading his fan base. T

Replied To: Low Album Sales (Forum topic)
On: Jan 14, 2013

I thought the movie was Great! I think he played the role exceptionally well, although I didnt like the way he died. I thought he did a great job for this to be his first film and I cant wait to see more of him on the big screen. I think that script was made personally for him and it went with the persona of how people view him in the real world. Great Job!

Replied To: TCM3D (Forum topic)
On: Jan 14, 2013

You can follow me on instagram at Ericka8709. I dont really be on twitter that much. Im just now getting hip. Lol.

Replied To: Instagram and twitter (Forum topic)
On: Jan 13, 2013

I dont really remember how long it took for mines to come. But I think it took like a month or so. Im sure it will come. Dont worry.

Replied To: Trey's Angels Membership (Forum topic)
On: Jan 13, 2013

Although I missed majority of the livestream, I was able to see the countdown and bring in the new year with my distant lover TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!

On: Jan 01, 2013
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