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Im Here to basically show that Trey Songz doesn't only have Female fans that he also has Male(STRAIGHT) supporters out there Was one of my artist since he's Mixtape days...My name is Miguel Elies Montaz im 21yrs old.. i live in New York City Bronx New York...keep doing your thing man
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I'm a be honest i am a Trey Songz fan and im a dude (straight guy might i add) not to much into Rap always been into R&B music, Keep doing you thing Trey man you deserve this!! all btw, wanted to add i'm not in this FAN SITE to get any record deal or exposure or w.e i can't even sing nor i can come close to singing nor i rap im an athlete i play Basketball and Baseball in the collegian level. i wanted to add some of my all time fav songs out there misunderstood, love safari, Lemonade rmx, LAST TIME, JUST GOTTA MAKE IT, live your life, obsessed, all the way turn up ft LOSO, gf can come too, Hard , Yeah im huge fan of hes MIXTAPES!! do you trigga