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On: Jan 17, 2011
On: Oct 28, 2010

Im not huge listener of "Blind" its playable but I just cant get into it! BUT I adore the album!

On: Oct 06, 2010

YES I love being a Trey's Angel..i'm aware of events and can check out ah-mazing footage more importantly get to connect with other Trey fans and show love!

Replied To: I'm SOOOO Happy I'm Trey's Angel! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 06, 2010

It would have to be "Made to be Together" off of #P3 for me

"you complete me baby
don't you let nothing come between us hey (hey) (aye)
alcohol has been my best friend
and i admit some tears have passed my chin
crying in the bed over you just ain't manly
but i don't give a damn (no)
cause i can wash these pillow cases; i can change these sheets, baby
but i need you back in the crib cooking up some of that good chicken and gravy mashed potatoes
homemade lemonade"

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On: Oct 06, 2010
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