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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREMAINE. YUUP!. TURN UP. Have a blessed amazing day love. God bless. Much love from your #1 ELISHEBAOLIVER10@YAHOO. Com. HOlLA.

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"Everybody is special and LIFE is wholesome. Do not let any one steal your joy, we all need to unite and LOVE each other." Elisheba.

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Hey trey!. Hope all is good. I'm writing you because I truly want to work with you on music. Your music is so profound, authentic, real, original. I absolutely want to have the opportunity to meet you. Yes Lord. I wrote a song that you will love. I believe in us meeting and working together. May this reach you. Have a blessed night/day. I have the passion, and anybody that knows me, they know you are an inspiration and I love you." CONFIDENCE", is ELISHEBA. God bless.

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Hi Tremaine. First off, congratulations on all of your success. I always believed in you and still believe in you. Also, I would love the opportunity to work with you on writing music, because I am a songwriter myself. You are a very wholesome and winsome person. Yuup! Thank you for giving the world real R&B music, you go trey, lol. I just want you to know that I am your #1 fan/ supporter. Continue on being successful and may Jehovah God bless you and yours. Much love. I love you and don't let anybody steal your joy.

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