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Everything about Songz attracts me to him, but first and foremost his voice is the best, "I like how he can take any song and turn it around and still make it sound good". I def. am feeling the mixes. He has a motivational drive that pushes people and inspires his fans to follow their heart and dreams and become successful. Secondly he is so sexy; handsome; and fine as ever. His body is to die for and his voice is so amazing. He swagg got me going!!!

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 06, 2009
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My name is Natoya Thomas, I am 24 years old. I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am pretty, smart, friendly, loyal, devoted, determined and very talented. My goal is to follow my passion and to become a fasion designer....I love my life, and live to enjoy all the adventures, possibilities & acheivements that come along the way of my journey!