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    Hey all :-)

    As you all know Trey has been nominated in this years BET awards.


    Trey is nominated for:

    • Viewers Choice Award
    • Best Male R&B Artist


    To vote online you may need to sign up or just

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Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP
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I love Trey as a person & an artist. He is my idol & inspiration. A great inspiration! I love how he shows all his love for each & every one of his fans & how much he appreciates all that we do for him. I appreciate that. Trey has grown so much as an artist & it's amazing to keep watching him get greater everyday. More people recognising him. It's what he deserves, worldwide recognition. He wanted success & he got it. He went out for what he believed in. To me that means the world & I will continue supporting Trey throughout his career` ♥ I have seen Trey in the UK 4 times, I jump at every opportunity I get. I've met Trey twice, once in 2011 and again in 2013 each time was perfect! I am a proud member of 'Trey's Angels'. It is a great family all brought together by one man. AngelNN: #GalaAngel No one angel is bigger than the other, we are all Trey's Angels.
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HEY SWEETY WASS UP !!! PS sorry for the late reply only saw ur msg nw lol

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Thank you

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Happy Bornday

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Thank you for the nail comment! Luv ur profile, so well spoken!

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ooooh thats wierd :S i love looking on my profile now and seeing the Treys angel thing :')